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KAI Studio (our definition)
[ /kaɪ/, stoo-dee-oh, styoo-]
noun, plural k.ai stu·di·os.
the workroom or atelier of an entrepreneur, as a businessman or businesswoman
a room or place for startup projects or experimentation in one of the business sectors: a startup incubation centre

Hi there! Thank you for visiting our company’s website. I would like to let you know that you have come to the right place if you’d like to start a new startup in Singapore.

Our job is not to provide you with only answers, but rather, give you directions, and facilitate the start up of your company. We also help you in making difficult decisions by analysing the problem, breaking them into parts, then interpreting them, and lastly, presenting them to you in the most unbiased yet logical manner possible.

How we came to this is that KAI used to be the project coordinator and co-owner of KAI Studio which was a casual games development company, but the company has failed due to a fallout between partners on how the company should be ran. As such KAI has decided to make use of the experiences he had learned from running an international team, and share them with you for FREE, so you do not make the same mistakes that he made.

If you’re interested in knowing more, please feel free to drop an email to KAI@KAIStudio.co and also, indicate the urgency for a reply.

We have many ways of aiding your company, and these listed here are some:

  1. Research academic articles written about companies
  2. Seek advice from business students & academic teachers
  3. Seek advice from our network of experts and veteran entrepreneurs or businessmen
  4. Seek help from organisations we found who are our mentors
  5. Research from self-help or business related books
  6. Brainstorming among our team

Kai Chong,
Managing Director of KAI Studio